easy bass guitar lesson highway to hell acdc

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easy bass guitar lesson highway to hell acdc
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  1. Your link goes to porn

  2. Finbar, why you stopped making videos??

  3. Love the color of that bass. What Schecter model is it?

  4. Did he use a setting to make the sound of the bass or not?

  5. Sad….boring……and what is wrong with no bass in the verse? All right now of The Free doesn't have bass in the verses and is another classic.
    Uninterested vid……..ADCD's Bad Out Of Hell………yeah right Sherlock.

  6. It should be a little more detailed for the beginners. For example flash where you put your fingers and each note on screen. And what strum pattern you could use. My son is 10 he is learning from you.

  7. it's an easy song but is epic and when a beginner learns it when they don't how to play any other songs its really epic

  8. He's come a long way shame u don't make any more vids

  9. So baaaaad man ! No bass on the verses !

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