easy bass guitar lesson longview green day

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easy bass guitar lesson longview green day
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  1. Use a bass with fret markers? What a thought? …. Next.


  3. julian james (wimps and machos)

    Not entirely correct. For one thing, the second run ends on the D not the E.

  4. +finbarbass, I was wondering if you could do a tutorial for Stuart and the ave. also by green day. I have been trying to figure out how to play it but im having trouble doing it by ear, as I just got my first bass recently. I know how to read tabs because i have been playing guitar for a long time now, but I cant seem to find any accurate ones…just wondering if you could help, I would be grateful if you could-thank you

  5. tbh, you should really learn how the play the song properly before teaching it, maybe I'm being too critical, but as soon as I started the vid it had too many slides and a few notes were slurred… Sorry.

  6. genial!! muchas gracias!!!

  7. I've learned all of these parts with my fingers!

  8. you should really say all the frets you'er hitting especially with a fretless bass

  9. motivation not moderation
    but good video

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