easy bass guitar song lesson crazy train ozzy osbourne

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easy bass guitar song lesson crazy train ozzy osbourne
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  1. put tabs asshole

  2. 0:08 that's actuallt the part i'd like to learn to play on the bass, it sounds better with the deep tones of the bass imo

  3. Dude,you're an awesome instructor, however you're a little fast pump the brakes sometimes, I was keeping up with you till you hit the nitrous, I don't have that on my axe yet.

  4. why dont you jsut put tabs

  5. i'm kindof haveing trouble with this kuz i'm 11 and my hands arnt that big XD

  6. William Turdbert

    Thanks for the How to Piss your Guitar teacher of

  7. Rachel Drillings

    i think he missed a chord

  8. you go way to fast and are not clear what you are saying it sounds good but not good lessons

  9. damit this guy should be playing guitar not bass

  10. Sorry, but your bass sounds like shit.

  11. You missed a section. During the solo. F# E D C# B A G# F# four times… on the fourth time instead of the F# it goes to E. Then to the intro

  12. this is also undead

  13. Wherever you are, and whatever you're doing, I wish you well. He have been instrumental to my musical journey. Thank you.

  14. You make the guitar very easy to learn

  15. Blazerisegaming 25

    you think this is easy i can barely play the highway to hell video u made.excited for my guitar i just got today

  16. hes way to fast for me guys

  17. no lead part?

  18. might be an idea to stick to the timing of the song dude… hard to play along when you don't stick to the original timing of the song… especially in the beginning

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