Easy Bass Lesson – Heavy Metal – Iron Maiden Style Bassline Gallop

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  1. Horsie? lol

  2. negan?

  3. Sounds like the underlying rhythm part of Achilles Last Stand.

  4. heard a ton of fret Buzz also.

  5. eh, ehm,… eeeehum, eh,… ehm ehm, eh,…..

  6. harris play three fingers!!! no two

  7. OK new to playing bass I like this this sound couldn't get fingers to go fast enough so used egg beater per your instructions how do I keep it from breaking strings and scratching my new fender?? Guy at music shop was no help when I asked him and only walked away only to return with a suggestion I just give up I paid over $4000.00 us dollars for this guitar and I'm not going to give up that easily any suggestions??

  8. Robert Trujillo of Metallica is the man!!!!

  9. Guitar God Secrets

    #steveharris  is the man, and kudos to this nice tribute. #respect  

  10. Music Man's Ladies Band

    This is so cool! This is Anita from #musicmansladies . I love love this lesson, I'm not so much into heavy metal, but I am going to learn this gallop!!! Thanks for the video!

  11. Are those stock pick-ups? If not, what inspired you to change them out, and why did you choose that particular set? Thank you for the excellent tutorial. 

  12. Never underestimate a good bass line as a guitarist, helps to adapt your style to fit the band, purely by knowing!

  13. Much easier with 3 fingers instead of 2.

  14. first

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