Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson – Play 5 Bob Marley Songs With 5 Chords

Here’s an easy beginner guitar lesson for 5 Bob Marley songs. Each one is a classic and can be played with only 5 chords. Here’s the lesson start times.

0:39 = How to play the 5 chords
3:33 = No Woman No Cry
7:42 = One Love/People Get Ready
11:14 = Redemption Song (Including intro)
18:06 = 3 Little Birds
20:25 = Time Will Tell

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Keep on playing 🙂
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  1. This is good for 11 year olds aka me

  2. G D Em C G C G D no woman no cry
    g D em C d

  3. Let’s get to D, then we’ll E, D, G…smh lol

  4. Waaaooooo……i love this lesson,well explained.Thanks Drue

  5. MacPherson Mchesi


  6. You need to learn to play yourself before teaching others to murder classic songs….. DICKHEAD!!!!!

  7. This helped so much!!! They way it’s put together is perfect , generally easy and a confidence booster!

  8. its what makes redemption song that intro

  9. you can also release pressure on chords to stop sound and others will teach that way which I think is easier try it

  10. hold my beer

  11. hold my beer

  12. i popped a beer while watching thin, but realise i can't sing for this so i pop another one borfore i popped anodter one. awesome vid

  13. thats gud

  14. You are confusing.Get it straight first

  15. Everything’s gunna D alright

  16. great day thanks for lesson!

  17. Worst ever guitar lesson im sticking to marty from now on

  18. More like reggae-country, mate!. Timing, beat and tempo are very important.

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