Easy Beginner Songs Guitar Lesson – How to Play -Gloria- by Them w Van Morrison



  1. hey bradda I live on maui and the cutest girl sold me her favoite guitar" tommahack louise" made me pormise to learn to play before she got back so whatever help I can get I'd love it

  2. awesome lesson dude, subscribed. cheers

  3. I've seen many but no doubt your the best teacher

  4. You're a god.

  5. Margaret Wojewodka

    Marty just would like to thank you so much for your unbelievable teaching ability!!! I only play for over a  year and you re helping me tremendously!!! Big Thanks!!!

  6. Totally the easiest way to lean, I had almost given up any hope of playing cords on any sort of guitar…..now playing what others can recognize as Gloria, many thanks Paul C

  7. Awesome man your videos are great! Ive learned a lot from your lessons. Any chance you could do "Glad Tidings" by Van Morrison? I cant figure it out and I don't see a lesson for it on youtube. 

  8. i learned it in 10 seconds :)

  9. I learn how to play this because of this video along with a few other videos in 3 weeks! Thanks 

  10. Great memories

  11. michael chapleLast

    Excellent lesson!! Thanks!!

  12. Got my name from this song. :)

  13. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy whats up Marty?

  14. this ain't no easy song !

  15. That so much help
    I never thought playing guitar could be so much fun and simple

  16. Rockguitarhero462

    Awesome lesson.

  17. Thank you! You break it down so wonderfully and I loved the slooooow mooooo 😀 

  18. Wane did u start playing it mate

  19. i could never do that

  20. i could never do that

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