Easy Blues Guitar Lesson – Basic Rhythm – BLG005

To watch the Part 2 video as well as to download the MP3 jam tracks, tablature, and to access the on-screen tab viewer for free, visit https://www.activemelody.com/basic-12-bar-blues-rhythm-easy-blg005/

In this beginner blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a basic 12 bar blues rhythm progression with 2 variations. Often times, we tend to overlook some of the very basic guitar concepts (like playing a 12 bar blues rhythm on guitar). That’s what this lesson is all about.
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  1. margaret vanstone

    what guitar are you playing here please?
    I have an acoustic which I have been playing for 2 years, but looking to purchase an electric guitar in the near future.

  2. so excited to have found this! and this great teacher

  3. Talk Talk Talk – As usual

  4. eruera hohaia-turuwhenua

    I m actually more into heavy rock sounds or I like punk pop sounds too but for some reason I like blues on the guitar. IS this weird having a liking on mix genres.

  5. kutlo kgaladua

    i cant get the rhythm well. i have been struggling for days now
    nice lesson as though

  6. Alexandre Monteiro

    Thank you very much!!! Im from Brazil and this video is helping me a lot!

  7. Awesome!! helped me a lot!!! thanks!!! is there a video of second guitar, like, when you are playing this, what can the other guitar do??

  8. excellent video, thanks for the effort

  9. I've been playing around with when to mute the strings. Are you muting only when playing the chugging parts? Like the A chord, B chord and the walk up with the F# thru
    B power chords and obviously the E chord in the start.
    Thanks for this great lesson!

  10. Thierry Inongi

    Active Melody, I must say thank you for this insightful and inspiring piece of Blues! As a guitarist I find it useful indeed

  11. Scott Mathson Music

    Great stuff Brian! SUBSCRIBED!

  12. BrazilianBackingTracks

    I really play blues so bad. I need to learn.

  13. I got it if someone is playing chords let's say at the 2nd fret.. and I'm playing lead where and what fret do I play.

  14. please help I am good at lead…please post a video. where and how do you know where to play chords with lead.

  15. Thanks Brian

  16. Hi every time I use the link the lesson is there but when I log in
    I can't find it again.

  17. this one is a great one. great tight little rhythm.

  18. So when are u showing the second version? This is pretty cool

  19. Great lesson as always.

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