Easy Blues Guitar Lesson – Lead with just 6 Notes – Phrasing Lesson – EP219

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn about phrasing by learning a simple B.B. King Style lead that’s played with just 6 notes (4 fretted notes and 2 bends).

To download the tablature for this lesson, and the 12 (yes 12!) included jam tracks (one for every key), visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/simple-blues-lead-guitar-lesson-using-just-6-notes-phrasing-ep219/
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  1. Just awesome!!!

  2. Where are the jam tracks please?

  3. Anthony Lakatos

    Thank you very much I found this lesson very helpful I've been stuck in a rut for a while now I believe this will help me once again thank you

  4. ZZzzzzzzzzzzz…………………………

  5. Your teaching is excellent. You are relaxed, and I would say, the best teacher I have heard.

  6. Francesco Sisto

    I was checking this out last night, and was able to get some beautiful blues licks out of it, also found out that if you slide the middle finger to 10th and 9th position on the G string it sounds very bluesy and really nice.

  7. Really one of the best guitar teacher on the web, very clear, easy to understand, and inspiring, i could play pentatonic scales with my eyes closed, but didn't know what to do with them, now i can enjoy playing guitar and come up with beautiful phrases thanks to this lesson.
    Thank you man!

  8. GREAT LESSON !!!!

  9. Thanks Eric Clapton!

  10. Brian and Marty the best tutors on YT!!!!

  11. Muhamad Mun'im Sobirin

    Thanks man

  12. Sounds sweet! What chord are you playing at 13:41 minute mark?

  13. Yes but what are the chords between the lead?

  14. And you are so right thank you so much because I do that and you end up with nothing. Thanks you so much.

  15. Yes! I’m so tired of the clips of guys just thrashing blues licks. No phrasing, just flash. It’s nonsense. The blues should tell a story. You are a great teacher.

  16. Brian, of all your lessons, I think I love this one the most. I’ve often stressed myself out with feeling that I had to be fast. Just goes to prove that faster isn’t better. Also, had a thought … currently this is standard 12 bar blues. A-D-A, D-A, E-D-A, D-A-E. With the phrasing you are using, you can almost do this. A-D-A, D-A, E-D/C-A, D-A-E. Kind of adds a Joey Bonamassa flare.

  17. Excellent … thank you

  18. You’re an excellent teacher. I really loved this lesson.

  19. Michael Morrissey

    I’m trying to follow this, but like all you guys, you’re going way to fucking fast. Learn to slow it down for us beginners!!

  20. Christopher Hale

    I just learned a lot. Thanks man.

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