Easy Country Bassline Lesson – Bass Guitar Lessons – Johnny Cash Inspired

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  1. Not just for Country, but for Polkas & Marches too!

  2. Michael Marston

    great lesson … easy to follow ..thanks from UK.

  3. stephen driver

    On your walk up/downs what are the tabs ??? Just started learning and thanks

  4. good job

  5. Hey! Thanks for the awesome lesson! I'm a guitar player and recently starting trying to learn bass.  One quick question; when you are going back and forth between the root and fifth, are you fretting the note with both pinky and ring fingers??

  6. Great video, I think it's good that you're posting some bass lessons now and it's basic beginner stuff. IMO, it helps all the beginners understand more easily about what's going on in music and gives them good practice routines. Man! I wish they had the internet back when I started learning to play. 8(  haha   Thanks again guys!

  7. Do the f holes on your forearms affect your tone?

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