Easy Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Lesson – Play blues by yourself on guitar – EP319

In this blues guitar tutorial, you’ll learn how to play fingerstyle (by yourself). This is an easy way to play fingerstyle because your thumb stays on one string at a time.

To view the Part 2 video and download the tablature for this guitar lesson, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/easy-fingerstyle-blues-composition-ep319/
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  1. A Kay eh.. i'm a huge fan of Kay guitars..not all of them because some are rubbish. Some would say they all are probably.
    But they did build some nice ones, build quality not always as good as it could've been but…and if you look at their semi-acoustic models they are gorgeous things.
    The cheapest nastiest one i have is a black LP copy with a plywood body. It weighs a ton..it is utterly unplayable. But, it has two seriously nice humbuckers in it..if you play the bridge one with some reverb and distortion and turn up the volume…it screams. Who made them i do not know, it doesn't say. Since i first saw Seasick Steve that LP is now strung with 3 strings as he does and with a slide it plays and sounds awesome.
    I did read some articles years ago and apparently God himself had a Kay back in the day..for what he apparently called the Kay tone. And i believe Peter Green had one also.
    Although you say yours is not the best build quality, it has a really nice tone to it. But doesn't it have a unique look to it. And much of that i think is because it's been played, by someone who loved it. Some guitars just have that special feel and sound to them when they've been played like that one has. You can see from the fret board wear which strings and frets have been used the most.
    I don't have one of these but i'll be a lookin'
    Nice little tune though,finger picking a 6 string ain't my forte….but i think i'll give this a try.

  2. That's a pretty little tune and a very interesting instrument. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Really. Nice compo !

  4. Guitar is Great

    dude you are insane. i think you might be the best instructor on youtube!!!! freal

  5. Thanks for all your lessons. High quality!

  6. Thanks Brian, looking forward to playing this at guitar center next Saturday

  7. Love That Guitar Sound Thanks Brian !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. We love ya Brian!!

  9. Very nice , Brian . From Japan

  10. LAME … Holding out.

  11. Sounds great Brian! Can't wait to dig into this one…

    Always doing songs / tunes we can play alone. But has rythm and lead…and we can make ourselves happy over a week end of practicing.
    Now your doing inexpensive gear combos.??
    Really what else can a man do to help his fellow man. THANK YOU !

  13. You could play a freakin broom and sound great

  14. I want that guitar…

  15. Wayne Sulatyski

    I think mine is an old kraftsman.

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