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In this guitar lesson, Steve Stine explains the basics of “chord theory”, so you can better understand how guitar chords are related to the major scale.

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  1. Daryl John Salcedo

    Mr. Steve, how about chords that has a number? Like C9, D5 or any chords that has a number. Can please explain or teach me?

  2. I count 2 whole steps for each how ?

  3. Finally, you explained this in simple way I can wrap my head around. Thank you so much!

  4. Thank you Steve. You are amazing.

  5. silvergeneration

    This is awesome, I'm starting to understand my guitar more and more


  7. Best music class I’ve ever taken.

  8. Just wanna say thank you. The things that the others teach in hours of videos and at the end students just pretend they learnt you are teaching in some minutes in a way that I fully understand and can teach to the others too.

  9. Thank you so much!!!!! That really helped.

  10. I agree with all of you connectors. What I wanna knows is is what person disliked any of these vids. Symphony conductors? People that don't like rockers and long hair?

  11. Great Lesson!! I love the white board to visualize chord structure

  12. Totally understand Music theory and how to read the musical alphabet……. But couldn't tie it together with finding where the chords are until i watched your vid! As soon as you started to show how it works on guitar you answered every question I ever need to know haha! Thank you

  13. mind. blown.

  14. Thank you so much

  15. Thanks my dude

  16. You are so awesome! You answered all the questions I had in my head…and then some! I cant believe any other enthusiast or teacher I have used, could explain this to me so simply, methodical and riveting. I am a fan, you have a convert! I am right handed, but taught myself left handed on an American Standard Fender Telecaster. I love my baby (tele), and you have given me more enthusiasm for my "Passion for Life". I thank you sir.

  17. Brilliant.play the bass but have struggled with understanding the theory. Finally the some of fog is fading . Thank you

  18. Thanks for making complicated stuff about guitar into simpler. God Bless.

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