Easy Guitar Lessons – Centerfold – The J. Geils Band – Acoustic Guitar song beginner

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  1. I fear if i name drop you at a party (esspecially with models) the only action would be with a paper centerfold .. THE lesson however awsom

  2. I really dig this country guitar version. This was actually the first record i ever bought. i was 8. I had no idea what a centerfold even was. lol

  3. I can’t whistle either

  4. I'd rather play always with a capo and I do a lot..then when I go to play without one I fuck up the chords and it's getting really annoying.

  5. HTG How to Guitar

    When you try to whistle so hard but you have dry lips

  6. This guy is insane

  7. muito bom professor. show.
    Parabéns. Vou aprender.

  8. Thanks Marty!!!

  9. that intro is great w the clapping and whistling etc. Best yet

  10. Hey can you please explain the intro lick in depth? I am a newbie to guitar and I do not know the scale

  11. love it

  12. Favourite guitar man on the web!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  13. Are you Jona Hills brother?

  14. Hey man can you please show how to do the intro lick a little better?

  15. Hi marty ,thank you so much for this ,this is one of my favorites! cheers martin

  16. marty you legend!! best teacher!! you have taught me everything know on guitar so far!! cheers bud

  17. i suddenly want a snickers bar.

  18. hey dude your great hopefully your teachings will help me win this girls heart 😀

  19. isnt this thundercrack by Bruce Springsteen? which came first?

  20. Marty…just getting back into playing…been forever and just had country basic chords down pat from my childhood…I was browsing youtube for someone with personality and enthusiasm to make me feel like I am not too old to do this again…haha…I enjoy your way of teaching and am happy that I found you here…Looking forward to putting some acoustic rock into my life!! Thank you…I am off to download the ebook but can't find the link yet…lol

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