Easy Hotel California Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Easy Hotel California Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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How to play Hotel California on Acoustic Guitar!

In this lesson Philadelphia guitar instructor, Rob Swift breaks down the chord changes, strumming pattern and embellishments to the Eagles classic “Hotel California”, the title track off their 1976 album. This easy guitar lesson is complete with demonstrations, chord diagrams and lyrics. Lets get started!

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  1. Reiley Williams

    great tutorial if you know the chords.

  2. thanks man you are a really good guitarist

  3. hey that was really helpful man for beginner like me ..
    Thanks Bro

  4. Hi Rob just found your site it looks great have you got any more tab sheets for this great song as I have tried and had no luck thanks Colin from uk

  5. Bm Fm A E G D E Fm

  6. hey thanks for such a useful one after learning it I'm now like "now I can play hotel California" its so easy to learn here …….ur voice is awesome keep it up and don't stop to give videos …..

  7. thanks…your chords so simple and easy to play for beginners like me

  8. Dan The Clay Men

    guess what? down up down up that's what's she said

  9. Paramveer Sachdeva

    Love it!! You are Simple, precise and awesome!!!

  10. great and simple tutorial!!! Now I can play hotel california on guitar!! Thank you very much!

  11. Wow, you are really talented. I have been watching your videos for a while now and I really like them. Keep it up!!

  12. raspberriedcake

    what do I do if my fingers are legitimately too short for this? I have problems with the g major because my pinkie doesn't reach the e string..

  13. Charles Calandra

    What make guitar are you strumming?

  14. Love it man. you've helped me tremendously. keep up the great work brother. subscribed!

  15. Andrea Belmonte

    hi i love your tutorial can you make a tutorial of leader of the band i want to play it on my father birthday I'm from the Philippines

  16. Loved this man. Cheers. Keep it up

  17. EduardoFreddy Cotrina

    fellow!!! jajajjajaajj

  18. EduardoFreddy Cotrina

    Heyyyy I was born in Cusco Perú greetings for you follow!!!!

  19. THANK YOU!!!


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