EASY R&B Soul Guitar Lesson (on Acoustic)

EASY R&B Soul Guitar Lesson (on Acoustic)

For private skype guitar lessons email: AshleeJunoGuitar@gmail.com

JUNOcapo: www.rockwithJUNOapparel.com

Thanks for all the support guys!

Be blessed!



  1. I love your video and I want to get your ep for real where can I get …please let me know beautiful

  2. My fingers hurt.

  3. Tell them…”play it like you wrote it!”

  4. Learning a lot from you. What guitar are you playing there?

  5. Sounds like Jamie Foxx – Do What It Do

  6. You named all my fav guitar players in one sentence

  7. Nice tutorial

  8. You rawk! It's great to see you're back with a new guitar lesson. Awesome as always, thanks, Juno!

  9. Young lady,
    I like your energy. Thank you for the great lessons. It is so good of you to share your gift.

  10. I love the lesson Juno. I appreciate you taking the time to help develop players like myself.

  11. when you were explaining the am7 chord and how you used to play with lifting the first finger up I was like cool I did that too !!! also thanks for talking about the reason behind the chord names, It def helps

  12. Gonna learn today!

  13. The best teacher in the whole world!! Love you Juno! Thanks!

  14. thanks so much for this. it helps to hear these chords on acoustic, since that's what I mainly play. I appreciate it!

  15. My Name Is Jaleesa

    I love it ❤ I'm gonna try it on my electric.

  16. Awesome.

  17. Very good guitar lesson love the chord fluctuations!

  18. BigWill/GodsHeavenUniverse

    Hey Ashley Juno, Really Great R&B Guitar Lesson Here, Gurl!! As Always, I Learn Something New From You Again!! Big Thumbs Up Like # 40 For You, My Best Talented Dear Friend!! Keep Up The Fantastic Work!! – Big Will 🙂

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