Easy song Counting Crows Mr.Jones guitar lesson for acoustic or electric guitar

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This guitar lesson shows how to play Mr.Jones
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  1. Thank you! 😉

  2. Thank you very much! I only have one week with my guitar but i wanted to play something else than exercises and you're tutorial it's been very useful. Greetings from Spain 😉

  3. Really good thanks. As a novice it helps enormously to have both the chord and especially the strumming to go with it displayed clearly e.g. DDDUD  
    Now to practice..

  4. How many times exactly do you do the Verse + Chorus + Bridge…Thanks for your help…It's all I need now to jam to this song…Which is one of my favorites

  5. exceptionally helpful and i am just getting started with guitar. thank you so much

  6. Brilliant video, very helpful! Nice guitar as well.

  7. Thank you guys! thanks a lot for your support! My website will soon be ready for you guys! hope you'll enjoy!

  8. Thanks mate best lesson so far.You help me a lot.

  9. thanks for the good

  10. Great tutorial. Your detail in the rhythm is really helpful!

  11. Great tutorial man, keep on with the great work 😀

  12. Thanks for your demonstration.

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