Easy Song With 3 Chords – Buddy Holly – Peggy Sue – Super Easy Beginner Songs On Acoustic Guitar

Easy Song With 3 Chords - Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue - Super Easy Beginner Songs On Acoustic Guitar

Please watch: “Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson “Tom Petty I won’t back down” How to”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJDQyT1zStY –~–
Strumming Lesson http://www.guitarjamz.com/country_pop_strum
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  1. Could you Words of Love by Buddy? Thanks

  2. maaah dee-dee aa-uh-aaaa!!

  3. Good lesson. I like the strum. I played it in this key. But then transposed it to E, A, B7.  This was I can switch smoother and play a C instead of an F barred. I dont know why, but the key of E sounds better to me than the key of A when doing solo versions of band songs. G also seems better than D. Likely just my ears.

  4. Marty, I tried to learn to play since I lived in the Sunset District of San Francisco during the Summer of love (next to the Haight). I never had the discipline. Now at the advanced, ahem, age of 61, I have finally taken a serious stab at something I always wanted to do. Lot's to learn but I can put three chords together and My Brother, you are always there when I'm feeling really down on myself. Bless You Man!-The Patman

  5. Peggy Sue is the best song for beggining guitarists. Thank you Buddy Holly! RIP

  6. Marty,

    You are a fantastic instructor. You're easy to follow and you have a great demeanor. Im learning to play simple chords thanks to you. You rock, man.

  7. Hey Marty!!!!! Love your videos, looking for a good electric guitar I found a mim fender blacktop strat, can you tell me if you would recommend this guitar for beginners and if it's good for playing Older Beatle tunes!! Thanks Marty!!!

  8. Hey Marty! I love your lessons and material! By far best channel on YouTube! Can you please make a lesson on this song "nicolas de angelis – amour mon amour "

    I would very much appreciate thank you!

  9. please please pleaseeeee do "crazy over me" by Dylan Scott , I really want to know how to do the fingering picking part at the beginning !!!!!!

  10. Marty we love your music,we have a request would do girl crush by little big town nplease

  11. Hey Marty I just bought that same guitar a few weeks ago…love it!

  12. MY D D EEE GIRL MY D D D I love it when he sings the chords.

  13. Thanks for sharing, i played on my e.g. and it sounds even better !

  14. Hey Marty, I was wondering if you could do a lesson on the song "peg o' my heart" by Gene Vincent

  15. Donnie_Trump2020


  16. Marty, keep em coming! Your on a roll with these classics! It would be great if you put out some DVD lessons on each artist covering acoustic rhythms and electric guitar licks. If ya put together a Buddy Holly DVD with about 12 classic songs on it, I wouldnt hesitate to buy it. There's another person that offers this but doesn't provide any tabs, just visuals. You have a lot of folks on here wanting to learn different artists guitar licks and I know if you focused on individual artist series DVD's, you would surely be having a lot of customers. Your teaching is very thorough, which needless to say, is a strong driving point. Keep up the great work Marty! We all appreciate it!!!

  17. hey marty, all this you do is so nice but i'm nothing with it if you don't sing. How do we have to know what and when to sing. You don't need to give such a big lessen in the singing but when you play the chords sing with it ok?

  18. Love the lesson man. Anymore Buddy Holly or Ritchie Valens would be awesome.

  19. Marty do something cool like some more acoustic licks like "Layla" give us something to work on while we practice these chords

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