Easy Songs 1 (Guitar Lesson) Beginner Acoustic guitar Lesson Green Day

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Easy Songs 1 (Guitar Lesson) Beginner Acoustic guitar Lesson Green Day
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  1. Do I press hard on the strings?

  2. u r an incredible teacher. thank u so much. also i have a request – hands of time by grove armada

  3. what song is this?

  4. brain stew ripped off 25 or 6 to 4 lol

  5. Thank you Marty!

  6. Mike Hermany-Rothermel

    +martyzsongs which string did u put your first finger on

  7. So does nobody really know that intro was first the intro to 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago? Not just Green Day 

  8. my eyes feel like theyre gonna bleed <3

  9. The Misunderstood

    whats the name of the song?

  10. acehunter muncher

    That first part is a green day song
    That's awesome

  11. That's Brain stew by greenday

  12. Only just watched this but what song is this I really like it

  13. Imagine Dragons Fellow dragon!

    Do more beginner lessons I don't understand.

  14. bought a cheep Lag acoustic three days ago in an attempt to learn how to play it. Little confidence boosters like this are great. I am feeling much better about this endeavor

  15. Damn kid rock, you're getting fat bro. 

  16. helpful English language video:p Cheers. I will share with my viewers.

  17. Can you teach us happy man from Chicago?

  18. Marty,
    I love your style and I'm going to buy your 12 disk DVD set next payday for sure. I've learned tons of stuff by just watching your free vids. I'm progressing a lot. Could you perhaps make a DVD dedicated to a 12 string environment. I love Led Zeppelin and a lot of there songs are done that way. Your awesome and keep doing what you do. Lates.

  19. this is a GD song haha

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