Easy Songs (Guitar Lesson) Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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Easy Songs (Guitar Lesson) Acoustic Guitar Lesson Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams
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  1. hey Marty would you teach me Im 14 years old and i got a lyon electric guitar for my birthday its aug 10th and im a beginner and i dont have a teacher so wich is why im texting u would u be my teacher and im not sure if its for free with u so wich is why im asking u how much would u like can it plz be in the price range 20-30 plz ok plz text me back.

  2. Thank you so much

  3. what power chord does he play?

  4. Thanks Marty, another awesome video!

  5. Breakdown by Tantric pleeeease

  6. in the 3 years i'm playing guitar i'm really getting good at it and most of it is by your lessons and im grateful to you and all you're amazing lessons

  7. how do you do the badass part at the very end of the song?

  8. I looked up how to play this song and click the first one and then when I saw it was u I was happier

  9. Wait… what's the power chord?

  10. doesnt sound right w/o the capo.. gotta get one

  11. lol 🙁 i'm not human :,(

  12. the ending sounds a bit different 0_o

  13. I'm new to guitar and you make everything so easy! Thanks so much for this

  14. It doesn't really sound like the actual song

  15. Kind of sounds like Wonderwall in F

  16. Would it be possible to do a lesson for 'if it means a lot to you' by a day to remember? 🙂

  17. Why don't you attempt to sing the song to teach?

  18. My guitar lesson teacher taught me this the same way but just listened by ear thara crazy

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