Easy To Learn Melodic Minor Scales Guitar Lesson For Jazz – Rock – Fusion – 3 Notes Per String

Easy To Learn Melodic Minor Scales Guitar Lesson For Jazz - Rock - Fusion - 3 Notes Per String

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In this lesson you will learn all seven of the melodic minor scale forms using the 3-notes per string method. Melodic minor is an essential scale type to know for every style of music but is most predominantly used in jazz and fusion styles.

Even if you are not jazz guitarist you should still leaern this scale and it’s corresponding modes to open up a hwole new world of sounds that you can create in your improvisations. Rock players such a Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen and Randy Rhoads use this scale frequently. Along with Jazz guitarist such as Pat Metheny, Pat Martino and many others.

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Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown
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  1. Unable to find the PDF on your page :/

  2. Please Carl, make a lesson of "This I love" by Guns'n'Roses|!

  3. is in standard tunning

  4. whats a good jam track for this?

  5. NOTE!!!!! Melodic minor descends as a Natural Minor, different to how it ascends.聽

  6. This was sooo helpful thank you!

  7. In "all" music scales are scales it's not a genre specific thing.

  8. Freddy Von MunchieDej

    Can someone tell what this scale is. If is goes in G minor, then it plays the notes G, G#, B in the beginning of the first position? 馃檪

  9. Phrygian 馃檪

  10. bella..

  11. hi guys, I know what the pentatonic scale is for, but how do u use this scale??
    Thanks a lot

  12. It's kind of confusing I'm a beginner, man the music journey sure takes a long time, so many scales, modes and this and that. But I really wanna make it, I hope I do. By the way…. I want your hands 馃檪 they're guitar hands if you know what I mean

  13. I'd say the C isn't a Lydian b7. But a mixolydian #4. Cos that scale is mostly used over dominants leading to minors (Dorian).

  14. Sim贸n Tob贸n L贸pez

    hey i just know the scale over the minor or "eolian" which is pretty much the same as the armonic minor but with 6th#, I have issues using it over the whole fretboard because i kinda learned the greek Modes "diferently" so, how could i do for example locrian on melodic minor
    驴Is it the same as locrian Nat 6 but with 7th#?

  15. I use my pinky on the 8th fret/third string on the second scale. I'm bad at this.

  16. Is that an American Deluxe Strat?

  17. Great man, glad I could be a help to your studies. Thanks a bunch for the support! Carl..

  18. Dude! I love your guitar lessons! As a berklee student who didn't doo too well on his melodic minor proficiency test last semester, I NEED to tell you that your approach is awesome and you teach it really well, super comprehensive! I'l be spending some time going through your video archive to hopefully get better at teaching some of these concepts myself! and I'l b sure to pass your videos along! THANKS

  19. i love u carl 馃檪

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