Ed Sheeran – Photograph Guitar Lesson – Super Easy w/No Capo

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I’ve got a great and easy song for you guys today. In this Photograph guitar lesson video, I will show you the simple 4 chords that make up this acoustic smash hit by Ed Sheeran.

In addition to that, I will demonstrate how to play the cool fingerstyle lick that opens the song.

Before we get started, you will need to make sure you are in the proper tuning. Ed Sheeran actually plays “Photograph” a couple different ways live. Sometimes he opts for a capo (this is probably how he recorded it as well), but other times he won’t use any capo at all and simply re-tunes one string on his guitar instead.

The tuning starting from the 6th string will be E A D E B E. So in other words, it is a standard tuning with the G string tuned down a minor 3rd to E.

This tuning will now enable all the chords to be super easy and also allow us to play the opening guitar lick easily as well.

Even though there are multiple parts to learn in Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” (ie verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge), they all use the exact same 4 chords albeit in a different order each time.

So the real trick to getting everything memorized quickly is to simply remember the number of the fret each chord is played on and then memorizing the order of those numbers for each section. It will help you memorize it very quickly. If you have no trouble hearing which chord is next then that is even better!

The opening guitar lick is a simple fingerstyle lick played by alternating between fretted notes and open strings. It has a beautiful and open quality about it.

Since that opening is fingerstyle, you will want to strum the chords throughout the rest of the song without a pick as well. Ed Sheeran uses the back of his index finger’s nail to lightly brush the strings throughout the entire song. He is also dampening the strings by doing some pick-hand muting all the way until the 2nd chorus. I will demonstrate how to accomplish all of this easily in the video lesson.

Have fun with this acoustic smash hit from Ed Sheeran!

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  1. how do you do this with short nails

  2. Michael Molkentin

    still not easy I'm giving guitar up

  3. what does a cabo?

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    cool man I am very happy with the following lesson Thanks again.

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  11. the best lesson on this song that I have seen so far. was hunting for this progression for a long time, I tried to see a couple of live videos of ed  the progression was similar to how u played it but camera wasn't always steady. so thankx for putting it out here

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