Ed Sheeran – The A Team – How To Play – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY Beginner Chords

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Ed Sheeran – The A Team – How To Play – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY Beginner Chords Brett Papa papastachepop papastache102 papastache
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  1. Adrianna A. A. Muro león

    donde puedo conseguir los tabs que haces en esa cancion?

  2. 4:40 verse
    8:35 pre-chorus
    9:25 chrous
    11.45 bridge

  3. hey man what guitar is that your playing in the video. ..looks nice are you happy with it ?

  4. 'this artist' is called Ed Sheeran. Honestly dude if you dont like it so much why do you even bother teaching the song?

  5. Dude you're awesome! This helped so much. You should try playing a Taylor gs mini :D

  6. Can you please tell me the chord you played after Em during the bridge? I'm not sure if you explicitly stated what that chord was.

  7. Hi Brett, that's a brilliant lesson!!!!

  8. Anyone an alternative for a capo, it doens't have to look good, it just has to work. I'm a beginner and I don't have fancy extras yet, it's just me and my guitar.

  9. this is litterally the best a team tutorial on youtube

  10. What is that metal thing between the strings and tuners by the way I am a beginner musician. I just got my first acoustic guitar before xmas. 

  11. Hey everyone, I have a special request… I would like to suprise my ex girlfriend on valentine. she broke up with me 5 days ago because i did no put enough efford in our relationship. I am not gonna say who's wrong or right but there are always to sides to a story. I really do still love her and that's why i want to learn to play this song. I have put many hours in allready. I can now do the part from 6:00 tot 6:08. I really want to do this and i would do whatever it takes. do any of you have tips or can put it on a sheet for me with the song text. It would mean the world to me if someone could do that.

  12. In the verse, after the G, what are the two chords???

  13. Pleaseee do thinking out loud by ed sheeran!!!!!! PLEASE

  14. This is the best tutorial of A team I have seen, thanks so much

  15. I thought Paul Rudd was playing when the video first started.

  16. Very god!

  17. I know this video is old and everything but it has a really good explanation of how to play the song.  I believe that for the strumming pattern though, it might be easier after the root DOWN to just go UP instead of down again 

  18. This video is a great help! I love the song and I love the fact that I be able to do it haha
    Only one question. Do you have the chords with the lyrics? You know, the chords above the lyrics. That works for me when I have to play it in front of someone haha

  19. I would say the same as +SensibleLiv, this is a great tutorial.  I appreciate your time and knowledge man. 

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