Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar

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  1. Do eddie and the cruisers Dark side of the moon

  2. hi marty,im watching your video for a while,im looking for a guitar that good for strumming and finger picking im just started learning..maybe you can help me to find a good brand..thanks..oh by the way that guitar your using may i know the brand and the size..thanks…

  3. wowww sounds beautiful thanks master !!!!!!!

  4. Bad explanation this time

  5. This opening reminds me of that Frankie Vally song

  6. i got it man thanks

  7. Awesome bout time u get your own you tube going on I just subscribed to your channel

  8. Good lesson but isn’t there a capo on 2 ?

  9. So good at this Marty you inspired me to reconnect with my Yamaha at 65 yo lol

  10. Marty I had to suck it up and learn the b minor. I came back. This song is one of my fave and I'm so glad you made a tutorial for it.

  11. LostBoi Production

    love you Marty, thank you SIR.

  12. Strumming pattern

  13. Daniela landaverde

    Go to fast

  14. Very helpful. Cool trick with the d/f# is to make a regular D chord and cover the f# with your thumb ! Makes the progression super easy.

  15. He look like the son of micheal on gta 5 but more old

  16. What's the bar chords to this song?

  17. I would like to make a suggestion. When your introduction has all of the complex stuff such as the hammer on you showed and the strum patterns, I would recommend attempting to teach the viewer parts like that. Thanks and great video!

  18. Marty Schwartz = Guitar Lesson Google

  19. Great words from Stripey3000.
    I totally agree.
    Without online tutorials I would be only half the (beginner) I am. A year on and still absolutely still loving the guitar.
    Cheers Marty.

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