Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud – Lesson – How to Play on guitar – Tutorial Chords

Please watch: “Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson “Tom Petty I won’t back down” How to”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJDQyT1zStY –~–
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How to play the song “thinking out loud” by ed sheeran, the chords and rhythm to the parts etc. thanks again for the support everybody!!
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  1. Dude why strumming?

  2. It's amazing how you play but the problem is that I speak Spanish and could not understand if at some point you mentioned how is the scratched, please be someone so kind to write by the translator and answer my question … Thank you very much

  3. SUPERSAMURAI2229 44


  4. thanks man

  5. 8:54 what song?

  6. LSU Wreckin Shop

    Nice.. Well done brother!!

  7. Very helpful!! Thnx

  8. For love of God , do a little work on your own, you whiny commenters.

  9. You mention that you can do the trick of hammering on the A note, (2nd fret on 3rd string) every time you play D. This is true in this song, and can also be experimented with in other songs. It won't work if the G note isnt in the key in which you are playing though, For example if you're playing a D chord in the key of A, that trick won't sound good, but if you;re playing in G or D, Bm, Em, etc, it will sound good and its a nice change from going from Dsus2 to D, or between D and Dsus4 which are both more common embellishments of a D chord.

  10. U need to move slower

  11. TheCanadianRanger

    1000th for comments

  12. amzing but b minor is so hard

  13. Autumn Giannette


  14. I'm back marty

  15. OLe , beautifully interesting that you are a good guitarist but your pitch when singing is a fair way off the same standard. Music is a funny thing .

  16. Ren [Insert last name here]

    I’m a beginner, so if you could please tell me the fucking finger placement instead of the chords that would be really helpful. Thank you!

  17. MisterJellybeanMan

    Thanks so much Marty!

  18. Hey dude are you sure this song is same as written in the title? And sorry but yes confusing at the beginning ! Some of us are beginner here. Then please change the video title.

  19. love how you played the every day catchy tunes to relate to how we cant relate new from old.

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