Edelweiss Guitar lesson (Easy Song Chord melody)

Instruction on how to play a simple version of Edelweiss. This song was brought in by my student Steve, so I thought I would make a quick video on how to play a chord melody of this classic song. Let me know if you have any questions. Please check out my website for more info and lessons.

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  1. Nice arrangement

  2. Great. However I prefer finger picking, no pick, can this work? Jerry Dean

  3. Bokuda Kateikyoushi

    Good lesson. But please look into the camera. I want you to talk to me!

  4. Do asmr please

  5. Thank you very much, Chris.


  7. Hi Chris, I learn more than a song! This approach is really useful in particular alternative chords and notes which i can apply in other songs. Please  dontr change your style of lessons.
    Big Thanks for your efforts!

  8. Great version. But a little jumpy with the alternative fingering options.
    Just go with one version and play right the way through then offer alternatives at the end.

    Cheers though.
    Update: I tabbed this one out and played it for my 2yr old daughter. She loved it.       Thanks!!!!!!!!

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