Eleanor Rigby [Beatles] – Guitar Lesson – EASY Chord Melody Tutorial

Guitar Tutorial on Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles. Note for note explanation – Easy chord melody. +TAB + Backing Tracks

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Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles is
basically a 2 chord song. But it uses awesome variations.
In my easy chord melody guitar arrangement you’re going to learn to play along the eleanor Rigby chords as well as the melody. All together this is called chord melody style.
I gave it a jazz version touch.I made this Eleanor Rigby guitar lesson as easy as possible, while still keeping it exciting. I think you should be able to play it without any problems.

I also made the Eleanor Rigby tab, which you can download from my links up above. I also created avery nice, close to the original version of Eleanor Rigby backing track. One backing track is at regular tempo, the other one is slower, for you to practice Eleanor Rigby.

The melody is quite syncopated and I remained it like that, bc it sounds awesome. Just take a good listen and you’ll get used to playing the notes at the right place. I’m teaching you note for not in this guitar tutorial, so you won’t miss a single not of the melody.

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Hugs, Sandra 🙂
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  1. great lesson well explained

  2. the beatles in my life please chord melody!

  3. Hi Sandra ! Once again thank you for your lessons, they've been a great help for me. May I suggest a lesson on the song "Always look on the bright side of life" from Monty Python's Life of Brian. It has a nice jazz rythm I would like to learn, just as Eric Idle performs it in various videos on youtube, but I can't find a proper lesson about it. Thanks again !

  4. Sir Pickles Presents

    Love this. Takes me back to Junior School where I played this song on the Ukulele

  5. Amazing song, thanks for the nice arrangement, and I would be very grateful if you do a lesson on It’s only a paper moon

  6. Patrick SCHWARTZ

    Encore une fois , merci Sandra pour ce magnifique morceau des Beatles, ce qui nous change un peu des standards de jazz .
    Et comme d'habitude toujours bien expliqué et détaillé. Quelle pédagogie !!!

  7. Thanks Sandra- another keeper. Nice touch with the muted strings. I was hoping you would re-post when I saw it appear the fist time.

  8. Nice one Sandra.I'm A BEATLES FAN MYSELF.So'it's nice to hear an excellent jazz player like yourself playing that Beatles song.Thumbs up and have a nice day..cheers

  9. Love it…Aloha…

  10. Amazing vid & instructor!

  11. Awesome Sandra everyone likes the Beatles!

  12. Oh yeah! Been a Beatles fan from day one. This is grrrreat 🙂

  13. Alexander Altago

    Wow. Beatles in Jazz. What a combination. I'll try it…

  14. What a beautiful arrangement Sandra! I really dig the backing track!!!

  15. I absolutely got H-O-R-N-Y listening to this arrangement. Thanks for that. 😉

  16. Hey, mal was nicht jazziges. So kenn ich dich ja gar nicht 😉 Klingt aber großartig, vA das Playalong!

  17. Beautiful arrangements Sandra, and thanks for responding to my request!

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