Electric Blues Guitar: Blues Ideas in The Key of E

Kenny “Blue” Ray of JamPlay.com presents a lesson within his Electric Blues series that can be found here http://www.jamplay.com/youtube7 and includes 60+ lessons. This lesson will provide a number of Blues ideas that can be applied while playing in the key of E. .

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  1. good tips even for advanced players

  2. Courtney Hercules

    This is an awesome lesson. Few simple tricks and ideas and I've uncovered a huge amount of possibilities. Keep it up!!

  3. did i just learn what an E looks like

  4. That was a very good lesson. Thanks.

  5. hey kenny, i bought ageetar from you and you gave me cople of your cd's i was stationed at edwards afb before it closed. l live in colorado now, play in a little blues band,, cheers

  6. BlackBarn Kitten

    yes , I agree, this teacher is capable of teaching far more advanced….I subscribed to jamplay for five years, but found the format didn't teach more advanced players

  7. Regina Russell

    hats off to a great teacher!  Thanks!

  8. great lesson. thx

  9. zarrouk frederic

    merci pour la leçon belle dèmo bon prof

  10. Benjamin Zuckerman

    This guy is a Blues Master – I would like to see him giving us something a bit more advanced for those of us that have been playing for years….

  11. Thank you sir..

  12. Wouldn't E be 4 fingers since it has 4 #'s

  13. "Instructor view" is a good idea!

  14. man is it me or it looks just like a video game

  15. Thnx for posting.

  16. I know what you are saying, and I agree, but I think it was because he wasn't comfortable in front of the camera.

  17. 5 dislike are you crazy you 5

  18. It ain't the blues until you've got a tweed cap… 😉

  19. Lightnin Hopkins

    Excellent usefull info from an excellent teacher. Thank you.

  20. Players of any ability can benefit from a lesson as excellent as this. I hope we'll see much more of KBR on this channel in future.

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