Electric Guitar Lesson 4 – Picked Arpeggios for Beginners

Electric Guitar Lesson 4 - Picked Arpeggios for Beginners

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  1. Andy Guitar, i need help, my index finger hurts when i bend all the way (cant close)

  2. I-I “JKeanMac” I-I

    Hey Andy, another great video. I have a question about arpeggios. I often find myself playing them in the songs I have written, but I fear they make you seem like a beginner because your not really doing much and its like a fake way to play lead licks or something. Is it common and "okay" to use arpeggios in your music as lead licks? I know Noel Gallagher uses them for the intro to Shakermaker so it often confuses me. Thanks for the content! Jordan.

  3. wow. didnt know arpeggios were so easy

  4. 2nd

  5. Awesome video dude keep up the good work

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