Electric Guitar Lesson: Chord Soloing In The Style Of Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix

http://bluesguitarunleashed.com – This is a lesson I put together to start to demonstrate the Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan (SRV) approach to playing chords and embellishing them in the style of Little Wing or Bold As Love.

When I first heard this style of playing I had never heard anything like it. This was before TAB books and the internet were available so I spent a lot of time investigating the sound and how Jimi approached it.

As it turns out, it’s really not that complicated if you simply match up pentatonic box shapes with chord shapes. They match 1 to 1 and I’ve shown some of them here.

If nothing else, this style of playing allows you to pick any simple chord progression and noodle over it for hours. It’s the best “music store jam” type of playing I know.

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  1. I enjoyed it and will be coming to get it!

  2. Awsome lesson man, since I have been lookng at the embelishment behind the chords my playing has improved out of sight! 

  3. Great lesson, and at last, a headstock uglier than G&L's.!!

  4. hi. great video. one question. are the embellishments (lead licks) based on the scale/key the whole song is in or are they based on the scale of the chord you are currently on?

  5. The 'Little Wings" lesson series…a wealth of stuff and ideas to develop…nice

  6. bluesguitarunleashed

    My BW is only a couple of years old. I bought it from Steve over at Wildwood Guitars in Louisville, CO. I used to take lessons there when I was a kid so any time I can buy guitars from them I still do.

  7. ok no prob 😉 but i live in Paris, i would have to send my neck to Cali…it's been 8 years that i bought it and i'm beginning to feel more comfortable with the neck shape eventhough i must admit that each time i play a 60's style Strat, i feel immediately at home…

  8. Im sorry bro. I initially wrote in response to th guy iun the video who is playing a BW. Then something seemed off and I realized your not him so I checked out your channell and quickly could see you do have a vomit. You should contact Jim and see if the will let you take in your guitar and have them shape the neck to your liking. That would happen from time to time. People tend to have different preferences when it comes to neck shapes, so we would try toi accomodate that if possible.

  9. those guitars are awesome; i've been hesitating between Burning Water, Landau Classic and Psy.Vomit (there was a shop in Paris which had 'em 3 at that time) and i still don't know if i made the right choice (i would proly think the same if i had chosen nay of the 2 others lol) i prefer thinner necks but for a sound like that, i'd do anything 😉

  10. I was not there in 2002. I would have been 1994-1999. In te video is a Burning Water finish. Psychedelic Vomits were different patterns & color scheme. Jim came up with the Burning Water finish for Laundau, who as you probably know had a band of the same name. They had more air brushing and flames in the paint pattern

  11. i got a 2002 Psychedelic Vomit with Suhr singles, check it out maybe you've worked on it 😉

  12. What year is your Burning Water? I use to work for James.

  13. i really liked your style.thanks.got alot of ideas

  14. Great lesson. Thanks, Griff.

  15. watch randy hansen do this

  16. This is one of the best lessons yet. Very handy, and well done. Beautifully creative, and sounds so awesome.

  17. Nice. Very useful little ditty. Thanks bro

  18. Great lesson! Can't wait to begin practicing this…

  19. Thanks a lot for your good job at teaching and motivating really amateurs like myself!!!

  20. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET Griff! Thanks as always for the postings. Keep them coming and are you working on a new DVD idea yet?

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