Electric Guitar Lesson For Total Beginners – Vigier Excalibur Ultra – Learn Electric Guitar

Here is an electric guitar lesson for total beginners. I cover everything from how to hold it, how to pick strings, how to fret notes, how to play chords, how to play a scale, and what the parts of the guitar are called.
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  1. Thank goodness. A tutorial for a total beginner like me, which is set at a realistic pace.

  2. this is really good

  3. Greatest lesson out there!
    Very helpful and deserves a lot more credit.
    Thank you.

  4. Woa the voice is quite clean

  5. Simon, quality video for the complete novice like myself. Never touched a guitar before in my life & just about to start now I've retired. Keep up the great work…

  6. Dude thank you so much, this is very helpful.

  7. I'm not even gonna watch this video cause of his voice

  8. hi! I started on acoustic two months ago abd have picked it up very fast. but now I'm looking to get an electric to play in a worship band setting. one thing I've not been able to pick up easily is picking, do you think this will be easier for me on the electric?

  9. Thanks Simon you're blessed that's for sure, in less than 2 weeks of doing this for the first time, I'm nearly "comfortable", putting the time, in but still, this is fantastic, I'll surely make a donation, you deserve it….. peace

  10. I should've learnt electric first instead of acoustic…

  11. I like this video cause my father gave me a electric guitar yesterday thus by seeing this video I will learn so much .

  12. That was wonderful

  13. I came up with my own simple string acronym if anyone wants to use it.

    E very
    A nimal
    D oes
    G ood
    B y
    E ating

    Honestly, I find it easier to come up with one in your head because since its coming from your mind, it should be easier to remember. I know there's tons of them out there but maybe someone will find this one useful :)

  14. Thank you! I just got an electric guitar yesterday and this taught me a lot.

  15. helped me a lot thank you so much

  16. Why are you tuning backwards?

  17. fantastic videos, very helpful and also presented in an entertaining and easy to follow way 🙂 thanks alot!

  18. Great video, actually learned some stuff

  19. I agree with "If you want to play electric, why get an acoustic is what I say!" I should have learned electric first because that's what I really want to learn TT

  20. where did you get your guitar and how much does it costs

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