Electric Guitar Lesson for Your Grace is Enough by Chris Tomlin

http://www.Worshipartistry.com guitar instructor Jason Houtsma walks you through the lead guitar work from Chris Tomlin’s Your Grace is Enough.
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  1. What guitar effects do you use? I will be playing this at my church soon

  2. Great cover and great tone, man! Care to share what you're using in regards to amp and pedals, if any?

  3. Is there an app?

  4. torontothegood

    distilling it down to an e-guitar for use in worship bands with just one e-guitar is very useful.. THANKS!

  5. It's by Matt Maher, not Chris Tomlin

  6. any one knows how get star with scales… now i have little bit knowledge with chords by gods grace..

  7. Dang!! That was really good!! I'm going to learn this with my worship team this week. I'm excited to learn this song. It seems complex, but I know I can do it!! I have a different question though pertaining to the recording equipment you use. I want to create video tutorials for the worship team, so I'm wondering what type of amp you are using and how are you recording the audio for your tutorials?? Are you Micing an amp and then recording using an interface and a computer, or are you just using a digital SLR camera?

  8. Anyone know a good drive setting for this?

  9. awesome lesson! thanks.

  10. so the intro needs two strings… man i've been playing it wrong every Sunday service XD 
    tnx man!!!

    God Bless :)

  11. Excellent lesson!!Thanks. I learned this song by pausing the video while you we're playing. Thank you. Extremely helpful lesson. THANK YOU!!

  12. Good tutorial… it was simple and sounded good at church. GOOD JOB!

  13. I actually think playing it a half step up sounds more like matts album Version.

  14. Your playing is good and God bless you greatly.

  15. worshipartistry


  16. Just signed up for the site! Thanks for all your hard work!

  17. Im thinking all youll have to do is transpose it all to "D". He plays capo 2 which looks like G but is still in A. So take the notes from the scale and transpose it down 5 half steps down so now you will be in D. It wont be exactly like he plays here but just enough to play how you want. Thats just an idea, sometimes transposing songs up or down chromatically wont always sound good either.. so just be careful. Just try it and see what its like for you. Be blessed bro 🙂

  18. worshipartistry

    Not yet, but there will be.

  19. is there a piano version? 🙁

  20. wow god bless ty 😀

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