Electric guitar lesson how to improve alternate picking

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In this lesson we teach a great exercise to improve your alternate picking.

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  1. i heard hetfield only uses downpicks i struggle with alternate picking as i have played a while taught myself and never really got around to alt picking im just sticking with the downpicks! !! hetfield style !!

  2. Any tips for moving between strings? I'm having a hard time getting the 'fast part' of the solo to "good times bad times" where it's all triplets. Single string, no problem, but having to alternate between two strings quickly gets sloppy fast.  When going between two strings, should the down be on the string closest to the bottom of hte guitar and the up on the string closest to my chest?  Does it matter?  Any advice would be much appreciated! 

  3. The Extinct Surgeon

    downpicking does produce a better sound. and hetfield downpicks, he has been downpicking so much that its so fast that he can play solos with downpicking

  4. Mike Elbarnashawi

    Do you have to alternate pick with everything you play?

  5. Ksenija Kokošin

    Some say you do NOT use your wrist while doing alternate picking, some say that it's all in your wrist, which version is right? 

  6. World Time Line Channel

    Thank you for teaching people about this technique.

  7. You can tell he didn't do this for more than ten mins…..technique is pretty poor.

  8. really good lesson. I finally know how to alternate pick when playing more than one string.

  9. These really are cool exercises, for me, anyway

  10. Oliver, the teacher in this video would say that you should then do an upstroke on that string even though you would have to skip it to do the upstroke. The teacher is what I call a "strict alternate picker". Economy pickers would say continue with your down motion by downstroking the next string. I still haven't figured out which method is better for me, but try them both. 

  11. What if the down pick falls on the string above the one your playing? I get confused..

  12. I think my hand is stupid.

  13. Marty found hard on 4.24

  14. Its different that you naturally go for sweep picking, I suggest you lock yourself in a shed with a guitar and a pick xD

  15. sometimes ya gotta go into the shed, and lock the door behind you and….[fill in the blanks]

  16. thats wat she said

  17. a question for all of you guys.i have noticed that when i alternative picking at
    130bpm(for example) and i move through the strings it happens to move a lot the two
    (holding the pick) fingers and this makes my muscle ''blocked and tired''.Notice
    that even in this movement i am using the wrist too but very distinctive.But there
    are times that i move through the strings with the movement of my wrist only and
    this is more relaxing and precise i would say…what is the best movement from


  18. My hand was paralyzed 10 years ago.. Trying to get it back to where i should be is hard.

  19. Marty, does string gauge play any part in be able to alternate pick?

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