Electric guitar lesson learn Def Leppard inspired chords n licks Hysteria style with scales tabs

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Electric guitar lesson learn Def Leppard inspired chords n licks Hysteria style with scales tabs

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  1. OMG Toreto plays guitar o.O

  2. Class playing! + explanation why/how, Excellent as always.

  3. nice work! I like the explanation with the chord transitions vs. scales that work nicely with the progressions! great job and nice Charvel, made me inspired to pull out one (of too many) Charvels to practice and jam a bit 🙂 That's the SoCal version correct? did it come standard with the Dimarzio in the neck? really nice tone!

  4. We truly appreciate you watching. Skype lessons available dnassie at g mail. Thanks so much!

  5. Out of all the instructors on this channel you're my favorite dave. You're so versatile, even though you're primarily a metal guitarist you can express yourself musical in so many ways, every time I watch one of your lessons you make me want to pick up my guitar and get lost. Keep up the good work, and please keep the lessons coming!

  6. beautiful stuff dave nassi

  7. Satyr Prods (Satyr Prods.)

    It's weird, because I thought of those chords by myself just by experimenting. But didn't really knew the names to it. I guess if you find out something interesting, never think you invented it. 😀

    P.S. Really helpful, a lot of different colors, thank you. :3

  8. Played around with this straight away ! Thanks

  9. If you ever want to send a free guitar to England……

  10. Schlomo Phucklestein

    One of the best lessons I have come across on here, thanks

  11. This is such a cool video… He's a very good teacher. I'm trying to learn about scales and do have one question — At the 3:12 mark it shows a scale called E minor pentatonic, but shows that as starting out as 5-7 on the E string. I thought that scales had to start out with the note, like "E" in this case? How do I figure out that you can play E minor pentatonic as 5-7 on the low E string?

  12. hey, love the chord/riff … what are the settings on your amp? R

  13. Why do I keep coming back to this vid? It is just too cool.

  14. Awesome lesson, enjoyed it. Can you please tell me your Guitar, what kind of guitar?  Who makes it?  Or is it just a Customer Neck??   Thanks !!!!    Amado

  15. Nice stuff… Thanks, Dave.

  16. Super Cool!!

  17. Sounds beautiful

  18. thanks Dave. I have been waiting for this forever. love def leppard

  19. ThIs is a great video. Can you do more like these???

  20. Le Grand Monarque

    Awesome lesson, best teacher on youtube!

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