Electric guitar lesson with Paul Baloche

Companion Workbook here http://www.leadworship.com/electricguitar.pdf/electricguitar.pdf
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  1. stryver17's dad says: this is a great elec guitar lesson..ty..Godbless..

  2. There is lot of good guitar teaching here, and more importantly, I think they are sincere about being skilled for the purpose of worship, not for themselves.

  3. Hey look I'm sorry but your whole discourse about the role of a guitar player or whatever, could be bass player it doesn't matter, you just (in a nutshell) destroyed the whole concept of creativity, I don't mean playing out of sync, I mean it's important to have dialogue and compete in a band situation, look at Led Zeppelin, Plant's voice and Jimmy's guitar, sorry but you have no idea what you're talking about.

  4. If there's a heaven this is what it sounds like!

  5. I love making beautiful music ESPECIALLY worship music because I LOVE the dynamics of it and how it touches people. With that being said, im not personally religious so when I try to join a band for a church to play the style of music I enjoy I have this weird feeling of telling them if im religious or not. I have nothing against it obviously, just not something I feel myself. I do love the music though. Its hard to find a secular band that plays the music that sounds like this.

  6. Like how he emphasised the importance of having a heart of worship.

  7. When two or more are gathered – Soooo do we need all that? Also – this thing is "Electric guitar lesson with Paul Baloche"  Shouldn't it be "Electric Guitar Talk with mostly the other dude?"  When you made this worship CD for sale, did you put PB's name on it to sell it and then you unleashed the "other dude."  And did you guys get a game plan with this thing where you could have said NUMBER 1 – we are going to talk about THIS and then we will look at A – B – C –  Or is the "other dude" just going to talk willie nillie about whatever thoughts come to mind for the entire time. . . . . . .okay – I give up.   – – – – this is horrible

  8. Awesome video

  9. Bendiciones me parece interesante el videin 😀

    me lo podre a ver a ver si aprendemos algo

    saludos!! =D


  10. muy bueno!!!
    Muchas gracias por compartirlo!

  11. Hi Sir Paul, this man who play the electric guitar is the man who plays with you in the First Love album? The one with the Happy Song and Rise up and Praise HIM?

  12. Hi Sir Paul, this man who play the electric guitar is the man who plays with you in the First love album?

  13. 누가 한글자막좀…퓨ㅠㅠ

  14. Awesome, very helpful thank you so much.

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