Electric Guitar Song 5 – TWIST AND SHOUT – Beatles Guitar Lesson + SOLO

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The ‘Andy Guitar Band’ members are;
Andy: Vocals and guitar
Thomas McConville: Guitar
Chris Skelly: Bass
Thom Mills: Drums

Drum tutorials for this series will go live soon on the ‘Thom Mills Drums’ YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv4pOQ4INt9e8towhjXC5Qg

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  1. This is hot! Thanks, Andy!

  2. Laarnie Lamparero

    beatles number 1

  3. Absolutely bloody brilliant! your band is so tight and the vocals rock!

  4. Is it not possible to sit and play with your friends or do you always have to stand up

  5. A timeless classic

  6. Awesome song choice ! More beatles songs please !!! Can't wait for the bass lesson !!

  7. 5th comment. ❤✌
    I love The Beatles, thanks Andy !

  8. Finlay Rowcliffe


  9. Amazing a usual, cant wait to pick up my guitar to play along!!! Ive always loved the Beatles so this is a dream come true to play this song with a band!

  10. FIRST! Let me know how you're getting on with this band program in the comments below! 🙂

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