Electric Guitar Sweep Picking Lesson Howie Simon FPE-TV

Guitarist Howie Simon shows us the sweep! Tune Down to E Flat for this lesson


  1. мужик ты крут!

  2. i can go down but not back up suggestions please

  3. Myself also played guitar. I've been up the video to YouTube. But I was surprised to your great guitar playing. You look amazing.

  4. Amazing neck pickup tone there!

  5. Thanks Howie I came for an instructional video but I guess wanking you off is also fine.

  6. Got fuck all from this lesson other than the fact that Howie Simon can pick sweep…..nothing on the right hand?

  7. good

  8. santiago hernandez


    my sweep picking

  9. Every time he plays a note he lifts the finger just a tad and the note is muted(but the finger stays there).The finger moves away from the fret when its absolutely necessary and not before.That way the notes are clear.If you rely only on your right hand for muting you ll fail….the left hand does most of the muting work.

  10. probably is a 70's strats… look what neck those have…

  11. i know that feel bro :<<

  12. This is great

  13. lol, i agree with this 😀

  14. does he mute the strings at the same time while playing fast or aren't you supposed to do that?

  15. Moshiur Rahman Topu

    Please help me out here : If anyone can, do let me know the radius on the neck of this strat. To be more precise, does it have the 9.5" or the 12"?

  16. I realy like your strats fretboard 😀

  17. Got them frodo nails lol.

  18. Hitler told me that Bush knocked down the towers

    Holy Shit!

  19. /watch?v=pxMkIm5JxkM skip to 4:58

  20. Luke Schilperoort

    It'll take a lot longer than 30 before you get a feel for it

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