Electric Gypsy Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Andy Timmons – Main Theme

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These Electric Gypsy Guitar Lesson Videos will take you through every step of Andy Timmons’ cult classic song.

Appearing on his solo album “That Was Then, This Is Now”, it showcases an enormous amount of techniques.

From it’s Hendrix like main theme, tapped harmonic sections, soulful soloing to full on shredding, these Electric Gypsy Guitar Lesson Videos will get you up and running on this head turning instrumental.

“Electric Gypsy” has become one of the most requested songs in the history of GuitarLessons365, and I am glad to finally offer it here in a complete note-for-note format so you can learn every little bit of this great instrumental.

Have fun cracking into this one, these Electric Gypsy Guitar Lesson Videos will definitely keep you burning the midnight oil to get it down! Good luck!! 😀

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  1. If u do cry for you then it will be SOOOOO GREAT! Pls

  2. What kind of overdrive are you using? a tube screamer?

  3. awesome lesson, one ot the best on youtube thank you

  4. Indeed Great Lesson Thanks !! …..Love this Song, such a fun song to Jam to….

  5. Just found this video. Thank you so much, great lesson!

  6. what pickups are they?

  7. It's D major.
    Notice the chords: D A Bm G

  8. Its surprisingly hard to play this well…

  9. would like to know amp fx youre using

  10. D major..

  11. u r an amazing teacher ..!

  12. I get that it's in A major, but how come Andy emphasizes the G note? The last note before you get back to A is G#, not G, so this confuses me!

  13. Hello, What is the model of that fender? and thanks for the
    great lesson 🙂

  14. Fryderyk Izydorczyk

    no it A major

  15. What's the scale?(in terms of modal scale). It G major scale if in standard tuning?

  16. Neville James Martin

    You got it down man. A1

  17. Andy plays this song originally also in Standard Tuning. He did never tune it down!

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