Electric lead guitar easy rock licks and riffs lesson

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Electric lead guitar easy rock licks and riffs lesson – In this lesson we teach some easy and fun rock riffs and devices that you will be playing and rocking out fast!
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  1. TheFMARiggerRockers

    Awesome Video 😀 !

  2. I've only been playing guitar for about 3 months on an acoustic. Everything I've learned accept chords has come from you on acoustic. I've always loved music but when I picked the guitar up and my buddy showed me chords, muting, drop d, some strumming technics I couldn't put it down. If im not working im strumming. I'm going to guitar center in the morning because of the Gibson 100th sell and im not leaving without a epiphone les paul special 2 performance pack. Of course I haven't touched an electric and only been playing acoustic for a few months so of course I had to stop in and again watch another one of your videos so when I try it out at guitar center tomorrow I don't look like a total noob. I can play the lick good on my acoustic, so tomorrow when I go ill have enough confidence because I only have to watch one of your videos once and I remember every detail. So if they ask how long I've been playing and then ask well you never played electric so how did you pick up that lick never touching electric guitar. Youtube+Marty so ill be jamming out with you tomorrow on my first electric guitar until I goto work tomorrow night. thx for everything especially not going to slow and not being boring. I cant wait to let it flow tomorrow

  3. Sloppy licks in the tasty zone? Sounds familiar…

  4. So you didn't just steal marty's video here?

  5. 7:12 "nice thick monstrous lick" lol sry

  6. I just imagine all the great guitarists that this guy is helping to make here. Thanks a lot mate!

  7. Thanks   your a good teacher.  I subscribed..

  8. Thank you for taking time to share your gift and talent. God bless you kind sir.

  9. Vladimir Nikolenko

    Thank you!!!

  10. Is this in standard tuning?

  11. Hey Marty! I love the Heritage…I have a 1990 model.

  12. i gave you 1 more like

  13. Marty, no doubt  – you rock ! Thanks !


    I feel like there's a lack of classic girl bands today.. HAIM is one of the only ones making it somewhere, but your inspiring me to learn and maybe start one!

  15. intermediate 😛

  16. Thanks for the lesson, Marty. I really appreciate these type of lessons where the content isn't too advanced and definitely not too "beginner like", for lack of a better word(s). I will definitely be able to use what I've just learned. Thanks again.

  17. It sounds like bike accelerating…

  18. THANK YOU MARTY! 😀 I've been looking for this all night.. It's the same lick that Frusciante uses at the end of Dani California 🙂

  19. OMG is that a Taylor guitar !?

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