Electric Wizard Guitar Lesson – I, The WItchfinder – Bb Standard Tuning

In this doom metal guitar lesson I teach you the entire rhythm section Electric Wizard’s I, The Witchfinder from the Dopethrone record. The song is broken down into its main riffs, each demonstrated and explained in full detail.

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The guitar is tuned to Bb Standard: Bb – D# – G# – C# – F – Bb

The song is played in the key of Bb Minor and it’s riffs utilize elements from the B Phrygian Mode {R, b2, b3, p4, p5, b6, b7} along with the Diminished Fifth ,b5, from the B Blues Scale and the Major Third, M3.

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  1. great channel

  2. bro yes just found this funny enough been messing around jamming on the albumm keep posting man subsscried, thanks <3 M/

  3. Ordinary Nocturne

    Hey Steve….ever listen to old Paradise Lost…like Icon or Draconian Times?
    I think its DOOM.
    See if we can pull some old Warning…..GREAT BAND.
    Watch From a Distance changed my life.
    Peace, Love and DOOOOOM!!!!!

  4. What do you think of yob? Just curious

  5. Super nice video !! Which guitar rack have you?

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  8. Legalise drugs and murder would be dope af !!

  9. Good lord, what an asshole you are. Can't deal with more than 14 seconds of your bs. sorry.

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  11. I love these videos! Thanks for taking the to make them and to teach others

  12. Oh my Doom Lord

    How am I in a serious relationship with this channel

    Brazilian fan here, can I suggest tracks for your great guitar lessons?


    God Luck and Good Speed, ou maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd's Gimme Back My Bullets, they covered

  13. Hi, great content, it's very unique.

    I see you have a Laney amp head and my favorite doom band Reverend Bizarre had its guitar tone with a Gibson SG Special through Laney tube head. I think it would be cool to see a dial of some overdrive tones.


  14. Do you have a guide or know of one for setting up a g400 for drop tunings? I am getting back into playing and I am only garden smart, not guitar smart. My intent is to go snag a used one from a local pawn shop because I miss having an sg

  15. Brian Kulakowski

    been looking for a channel like this

  16. I'm a simple man. I see Doom, I press like

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  18. I can't play this slow…. boring as hell.

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