Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road acoustic guitar lesson

Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road acoustic guitar lesson
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This is an acoustic strum-along arrangement of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. The original song is in a very unfriendly key for guitar, so I’ve used a capo on fret 3 and that simplifies a lot of things. That said, you still need to play quite a few barre chords once you get to the chorus.

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  2. Hey, man. I love your "to the point format" and use of illustrations for the chords, chord progressions and strumming. Easily the fastest way to learn tunes on Youtube. About the only improvement you could make, should you be so inclined, would be to visually show the proper accenting. I know you have a metronome going and the accenting and dynamics are plain to hear from your playing. I personally don't need it as I passed that hump a while ago having been playing many hours a day for almost a year now. But I didn't even know of the concept of accenting and dynamics when I started out. I feel stupid admitting this but there has got to be a bunch of people like I was out there since I have heard countless 2,3,4, year guitarist who just can't nail a song's feel and groove. The hardest part for me when I was struggling was 1)keeping proper time and then 2) playing with proper accenting and dynamics, once I discovered and understood what that was. Hell, I put aside learning songs and literally spent hours strumming along to song after song on muted strings, just so I could focus on accenting and dynamics (yes, I am an OCD kind of guy). The vast majority of tutorials (easily many, many hundreds) I have seen completely ignore this aspect and I am sure many, many, aspiring guitarists quit playing because they feel their playing sounds shitty, even though they can seamlessly transition through the chords and hit the beat or offbeat, as the case may be, through each and every song in their repertoire…Without accenting and dynamics to mark the time properly, a tune will never sound like you nailed it and this will leave a lot of guys hanging and frustrate, no matter how long they have been playing…

  3. Very hard to find chord lessons for the piano. Mostly I need to look at Guitar lessons. Great lessons, love the chords written below as you play. Right there with the best lessons on YouTube!!!!

  4. Muchas gracias. Gran canción, y gran lección.

  5. Wow! Awesome work, thanks!

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