Elvis – Are you Lonesome – Guitar lesson by Joe Murphy

Quick lesson on “Are you lonesome tonight” by the Elvis
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  1. Nice mov I like mov… And Elvis thank you very much Joe 😀

  2. its like being taught by sir russ abbott!!!!!!!!!! cheers buddy

  3. I couldn’t follow up the intro ,when we come to G chords which tabs we use and

  4. Antonio Marcos Milare

    Since this was a perfect and very useful lesson, now can you teach me how to sing like Elvis???? LOL

  5. Great song, great lesson.
    I love the chord diagrams in the top corner of your videos – they help a lot.

  6. Joe Great lession  on are you lonesome tonight ,thanks

  7. mein vater hört sich genauso an wie elvis wenn er singt ,war auch in der musik karriere aber alles wieder vorbei er hat aufgehört .er hört es jetzt jeden abend und ich lerne es für ihm jetzt

  8. WOW! Thank you. i'm one of those people that have been struggling with learning the guitar, but this was one of those times I always hear about where it all comes together. Very exciting… it would have happen late at night on a work night though. LOL. Seriously thank you a million. P.s. do you have a music sheet/cords or something on this to down load? 😉

  9. Great perfect instruction..this proves that there are some nobs that just go around downthumbing stuff out off jealousy.

  10. Como haces el Fa sin cejilla. How Do you do F without a capo

  11. Really nice tutorial Joe. Before you accuse me is a good one also. Can you please do a tutorial for this magic moment and dance with me? That would be awesome! Thanks

  12. Joe is this considered 3/4 time? thanks a great lesson

  13. brilliant thank you for this

  14. muito legal cara…very nice

  15. great vocal Joe

  16. omg thts so cool to learn could u bit more 68 dudidum hard with his e guitar Harg
    strom or so…i will try to learn..thanx so much it will help me so much !!!!!!!!!!!

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