Elvis "Heartbreak Hotel" Guitar Lesson – Easy Beginner Songs

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Hello friends,
and welcome back to Swift Guitar Lessons for another by request song tutorial. In today’s session I’m breaking down the riffs, licks and strumming patterns for Elvis Presley’s 1956 hit “Heartbreak Hotel.” I’ll take you through the verse sections and my adaptation of Scotty Moores trail blazing guitar solo. Let’s get started!

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  1. Too repetitive

  2. Can you do a lesson on sawing on the strings by Alison Krauss guitar solo please it would really help me and my friends for we wasn’t to play this song. Also amazing lesson I love this song one of my favorite of Elvis Presley.

  3. Bryce Bridgeman

    Great vid, super helpful as always. Can you please do a tutorial of restless wind by passenger? Thanks

  4. Should I use a pick for this?

  5. Gilberto de Souza Santos

    Good performance, amazing vídeo!!!

  6. Can you please make a tutorial song's of KPOP? Please…

    BTS – Spring Day
    Wanna One – Pine Tree
    AB6IX – Dance for two
    NU'EST – A song for you
    Ha Sungwoon – Remember you
    Yoon Jisung – Why not me?
    Bae Jinyoung – Hard to say Goodbye
    Park Jihoon – L.O.V.E.

  7. Omg! This is wonderful!

  8. I have a feeling this might go big.
    Great cover

  9. Captain Charisma

    On that segmented 3/4 try introducing a minor 7th augmented interval to carry the bridge to ……um nevermind its perfect thanks …haha

  10. Hi Rob, that was one of my first blues I ever heard.. <3 great lesson!!!

  11. Brill Ill have a go ta!

  12. Awesome lesson. Thank you for all your videos!

  13. So good

  14. Nhật Tảo MEDIA

    Very good.

  15. Great job. Where can I find one of those faith pje guitars?? What model is it??

  16. great song .. great lesson .. thxx bro .. greetings from Morocco

  17. Great lessons! I love that you do all these oldies

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