Elvis Presley – I Can't Help Falling In Love With You Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar

Elvis Presley - I Can't Help Falling In Love With You Guitar Lesson - How to Play on Guitar

I can’t help playing this song! Check out a classic tune by the king of rock and roll, Elvis!

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  1. Me Just a normal guy

    Need help with strumming please

  2. hahaha im just staring to learn guitar and it seems that just about every song i look up you have already got a tutorial for.

  3. Marty thanks for doing these videos they help me a lot and I have learned new things while watching them can you do a video on heartbreak hotel

  4. thanks a bunch!

  5. Your capo is like my girlfriend

    I don’t have one

  6. I dont have one of those thingies

  7. Will it still work with no pick

  8. Marty I just watched ur video and it was.easier than anything I've ever done just need to learn the bar f lol thx for being amazing marty

  9. cheater f is best f

  10. Awesome tutorial man, trying to figure out the fingering though. Any help please??

  11. Please make a tutorial on November rain guns and roses

  12. Marty, I have learned so much from you. Thank you for what you do.

  13. kevin aguirrechu

    Hey Marty ! Can you do a lesson on blue suede shoes by Elvis ?? Thanks man

  14. Me: I have a song I'de like you to hear
    Date: Ok ♥
    My Thoughts: Oh shit where is my CAPO Marty didn't teach me this without a CAPO
    Date: Well I waited for too long (Leaves)
    Me: I will remain a virgin forever If Marty keeps using CAPO's on good songs

  15. Janette Higgins

    I’d like to know this strum pattern also Marty please & thank you. You’re such a help to me. I’m a beginner

  16. You should give a hotel cailfouna lesson

  17. I cant seem to get the strumming pattern. Can anyone help?

  18. UnclePat'sShare BeyondSight

    I attend the Anaheim Braille Institute…
    I can see well enough to watch your tutorials…
    On Tuesdays…I hang out with the guitar teacher and his assistant and we jam during lunch…He is totally blind,and enjoys your tutorials as well…one of our fellow students requested we play Elvis…thank you for helping me with making her request a reality.

  19. UnclePat'sShare BeyondSight

    I truly enjoy your tutorials Marty…
    I like how you make it so simple when you break it down .
    Can you teach me how to play…"take my hand and walk"-by the Kry

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