Elvis – Suspicious Minds – Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial – How to Play Easy Songs

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  1. Your tempo/ timing is all wrong if you listen to the record

  2. I actually like your guitar lessons. Thank you really for your efforts and don't misunderstand my gratefulness. But you talk too much man and would appreciate you to just get to the bloody point quick and explain later…. for those who need it.

  3. its possible you send tablatura?

  4. Great comprehensive lesson—thanks

  5. Thats not the right way

  6. Is that just a normal guitar??

  7. the d slides to an f shape finger picking it on the 4th fret?

  8. Hey,I like this,fits vocal well..

  9. Strumming pattern DD UDUDU DD

  10. Brilliant! and in fact you do look like Dexter. Thank you.

  11. It's would've helped me if you sang the song too. Lol. Great lesson.

  12. Dig your Vids Marty, thanks man…big ups

  13. I would seriously love it if you could do a full play-through of your songs, so that they can be heard in their entirety.

  14. lol i had the live las vegas version going and it matched rite up with ya

  15. Very nice,

  16. I am really frustrated with the strumming pattern as I can't get the timing down

  17. Great song. Cool lesson. Its even easier when transposed to the key of C

  18. cooool song… great lesson

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