Embellishing Chord Progressions | Key of A | Melody Bird | Flatpicking Guitar Lesson

In this lesson I’ll be going over how to spice up a simple chord progression. A I – IV – V – I chord progression in the key of A would be A – D – E – A. Rather than just playing the simple open or barre chords, I’ll give you some ideas on how to add in some snazzy notes.

See the scale charts here: http://melodybird.com/embellishing-iv-v-chord-progression-key


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  1. Steven Goodine

    Great lesson always appreciate new insights

  2. Wow. Learned more in 13:43 minutes than a lot of other places in hours. Thank you. Now subscribed.

  3. You're a fantastic guitar player! Thanks for posting, learned a few new tricks.

  4. Very nice thank you!
    Dave in the Adirondacks

  5. Thank you so much! Wish you the best beautiful soul

  6. Thanks, Michelle! Great lesson.

  7. Phil Crandlemire

    cool stuff

  8. R u Michelle or melody?

  9. MASTER ARTIST Rachamin

    Waite a min are you a man? lol…oOOOMG! cuz you play to good for a chick!

  10. Amazing! Thank you.

  11. Michał Kwiatkowski

    Finally a good lesson about chord fills on youtube

  12. EnJoeyThe Ride

    just found you… equals new subscriber Melody !!! Thanx !!

  13. So glad I found your page, this lesson is great! Going to go through all of these excellent explanations this is extremely helpful!

  14. Thank you Melody. Great way to spice up anyone's guitar playing!

  15. What did Christ say about throwing the first stone? Put that in ur pipe and smoke it!!!

  16. You did exactly what you said, gave some great ideas to spice up a chord progression all within the context of some introductory theory. Really good job.

  17. G7sus4 Purcell

    Wow, there is a lot of cool theory here. If I'm correct, (please correct me if I'm not) E ma pentatonic works because all of its notes are also in the A major (ionian) scale. And that's the same reason, F# minor–A major's relative minor–also works here. In other words, all of the notes of the E major pentatonic and F# minor scales are also common to the A major scale. Very cool.

  18. G7sus4 Purcell

    Fantastic! I'm looking for guitar lessons that will help me play improvisationally. One of the "styles" I want is to just play "lovely" major scale-based music, what I call "waterfall pretty". This is IT! And your teaching style is so accessible. Thank you.

  19. perfect just what I've been looking for ty…

  20. Good lesson with huge learning content. Especially liked the country blues feel. Keep them coming.

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