Enna Sona Guitar Chords Lesson – Ok Janu

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Original Scale 3rd Fret:-
Enna [Em]sona [D]kyun rab ne [C]bana [D]ya..
Enna [Em]sona [D]kyun rab ne [C]bana [D]ya..
Enna [Em]sona [D]kyun rab ne [C]bana [D]ya..
Enna [Em]sona [D]kyun rab ne [C]bana [D]ya..

Aavan [Em]javan te main [D]yaara nu [C]mana [D]van
Aavan [Em]javan te main [D]yaara nu [C]mana [D]van
Enna [Em]so[D]na
Enna [C]so[Em]na
Enna [Em]so[D]na o…[C]   [D] Enna [Em]sona [D]kyun rab ne [C]bana [D]ya..
Enna [Em]so[D]na o…[C]   [D] Enna [Em]so[D]na o…[C]   [D] Enna [Em]so[D]na enna [C]so[Em]na


Oooo[A]…..ooooo[C]…..Ooo[G]….oo[D] x 2 times

Kol [G]hove te[D] sekh [C]lagda [D]ae
Door [G]jaave te[D] dil [C]jalda [D]ae
Kehdi [G]agg naal [D]Rab ne [C]bana [D]ya
Rab ne [Em]banaya,[D] Rab ne [C]banaya[D]

Enna [Em]sona [D]kyun rab ne [C]bana [D]ya..
Enna [Em]sona [D]kyun rab ne [C]bana [D]ya..
Aavan [Em]javan te main [D]yaara nu [C]mana [D]van
Aavan [Em]javan te main [D]yaara nu [C]mana [D]van

Enna [Em]so[D]na
Enna [C]so[Em]na
Enna [Em]so[D]na o…[C]   [D]

last tab part rythm..:-

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  1. sir i don't know what's your name but sir i respect you very much the way you teach the song is very good and sir i liked it very much and thank you sir for displaying this type of video that the beginners should watch and learn a lot and i am also watching first time your video i really appreciated that what you are doing thank you sir for making this keep smiling

  2. Awsm bro..Can you please make a lesson for Chura Liya He Tumne Jo Dil Ko…Please.

  3. You are the super guitarists after listening your lesson I play good guitar and please make the guitar lesson on tu zaroori arman Malik version

  4. thankyou sir

  5. you are awsome… can please bring tutorials from rockstar's album.

  6. Thanks for taking out time and teaching us different styles of playing guitar, I really enjoy your lessons and could definitely feel the improvement in my guitar play…other you tubers upload videos to impress, you are the one who teaches us to express…Thanks again

  7. bhai passenger ka koi v ek song ka lessons bana do pls

  8. sir you are the best and very sweet. i have a request that can you please upload the lesson the song let her go by passengers

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  10. really a great work.u cn make everyone play guitar.

  11. nics Sir ji tq for this

  12. Nyco song bro

  13. interesting
    these lessons r easy for beginners like me
    thanks sir

  14. Nice song

  15. Hi Sir.single string pe "Naina" Tabs. video do from Dangal.plzzzzzz plzzzzz sir….

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