Eric Clapton – Cocaine Guitar Lesson

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In this Cocaine guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this classic by Eric Clapton.

The tuning is standard tuning.

The are only two simple chord progressions being played for the entire song, however, these chord progressions are heavily embellished with lots of guitar layers. I will show you how to play some of the more essential guitar fills and layers, but since some sections include 4-5 guitars playing at the same time, I have instead opted to keep it just to the essential licks and chord progressions during the verses.

For Eric Clapton’s main solo, we basically have two sections. For the first section, I will show you how to play it note-for-note. In the second section of the solo, we have multiple guitars soloing at the same. Since that is impossible to play, I will just show you some of the more essential licks, then demonstrate the scales you should improvise with instead.

I will do sort of the same thing for the outro solo.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this Eric Clapton classic! #cocaineguitarlesson #ericclapton #gl365academy

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  1. Beat Jamison to the time stamps

    GL365 plug – 1:00
    Main Riff – 2:58
    Some spice for the main riff – 4:04
    Main fills – 5:42
    Chorus – 9:32
    SOLO!! – 10:46
    The multiple guitars solo – 24:21
    ^(Improvise in Em Pentatonic!)
    Final notes on the chorus – 27:16
    Carl Talks Music – 27:47

    This is my first time stamp thing so sorry if it’s not the greatest

  2. can you do a tutorial of "does your mother know" by Abba next

  3. OneHorizonGamin

    Annie by Mac Demarco?? Please and thank you? I would literally pay you

  4. Led Zeppelin trampled under foot

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  6. Too much talk.

  7. You should definitely learn how to play and teach "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" by Elton John Fingerstyle!

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    Can you do Jimmy Page's White Summer?

  9. Sterling Lowery

    "It's not a war on drugs, it's a war on personal freedom." Bill Hicks

  10. Can you do a lesson of brothers in arms by dire straits?

  11. I'm here for the cocaine lesson?

  12. Oblivion Braxe

    Can you do “Here she comes right now” guitar lesson by Nirvana

  13. Diamond's fun's

    Pliz2 along for the ride by dream theatre

  14. Vincent DiSclafani

    Please do 5150 by Van Halen or Alexander the Great by Iron Maiden

  15. HEY CARL. Pls make a lesson on CRYIN by AEROSMITH

  16. João Vitor Santos Melo

    Venom black metal

  17. Eddie Van Halen

    I'm gonna end the controversy right now. The answer is yes. 5150 is played using a drop D tuning.

  18. Pretty please with lots of sugar on top. Van Halen's I Can't Stop Lovin' You or 5150.

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