Eric Clapton – Cocaine – jj cale – Blues – Rock – Guitar Lessons – Tutorial – Fender Strat click here for my secret stash of blues power!!
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  1. Man you really suck at playing oldies rock

  2. very good!!!

  3. i love how marty is always so happy to see me

  4. Rohte:res Mountour

    Thank's Marty

  5. i been a closet admirer , for some time , MAN YOU HELPED ME more than anyone , just like your style and professionalism , and your to me a fantastic player !!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR LESSONS FROM MY HEART BRO !!

  6. patrick madian

    quel mauvais

  7. Tim Hadzisavas

    Oh by the way. I'm not too kind. I'm stating a fact…..

  8. Tim Hadzisavas

    hey buddy didnt even know you posted this and you know how much i love clapton…. thx so much..cheers…

  9. Volkswagenman3

    lol welcome to Martys Corner

  10. The improvs are a good touch, good to learn that you don't have it play a song 'note for note'.

  11. Batman For Ever

    Un super professor Marty.  Muchas gracias.

  12. How do you do that fwooom sounding thing at 0:20?

  13. Great vids!!! You have helped me out with some songs. Very impressed with your delivery. I've been watching your vids lately your intro is stuck in my head, "Heeeyyy guys…." Lol.

  14. Marty.. The most personable guy on the tube.. no truth is ever a lie, eh?

  15. Володимир Ярый

    Вот кто действительно хорошо показывает, я не зная языка понял отлично)

  16. so after a year of watching your free lessons, I am sending you cash for complete series for my son. Thank you!

  17. should explain the licks in between a little but its still pretty awesome

  18. Marty how do u get to come up with all these blues licks and riffs so smoothly..? just scales?

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