Eric Clapton – Crossroads – Cream – Blues Rock Electric Guitar Lesson

Eric Clapton - Crossroads - Cream - Blues Rock Electric Guitar Lesson Click here to see my Clapton Inspired Lick Lessons Not on Youtube


  1. Marty, you are the BEST! You have improved my playing so much. Thank you.

  2. BigBoss Nakedsnake


  3. Richard hartness

    My favorite rock tune. picked up a lot. Thanks. You know your stuff.

  4. Wilderness Bound

    not to change the subject,  but    anyone got any info on SIMPLE SISTER  (Procal  Harum)   –   I have looked everywhere on the net,  but can't find anything.   HELP Please

  5. Thanks Marty

  6. Nice Marty. Thanx for clearing that up. Goood lesson dude.sooo stoked. Love Cream bro.

  7. AmericanIsraeliJew

    Thanks Marty.  I needed that lesson and Justin has the other lead Riff?  Lick? Down I'm still trying to understand the difference between and lick and a riff.  I'm think a Riff is a series of licks?

  8. can you teach the solo to this songs marty?

  9. when i was 15 and starting out with my MIM strat,  i wanted a gibson guitar in the worst way. my dad told me if i learned this song (his all time favorite) and got good grades, he'd get me one eventually

    it took quite a while but i could nail most of it, did well in school, and didn't didn't ask for squat that christmas. sure enough for my next birthday, i got a red SG standard. my dad has passed away but i'll always remember his love for this song and how learning it earned me my favorite guitar 10 years ago.

    thanks for what you do, marty

  10. Thanks Marty.  

  11. thanx Marty

  12. dude no joke, dreamed of learning Clapton songs (and randy roads riffs/solos) all my childhood and relied on shitty shitty guessing while listening and crap tabs.
    You (and moustache dude) got me playing in less them right in less than 1 month

  13. Norwegian Lebowski

    i love this song so much, thanks for making such a great lesson on it :)

  14. Thank you so much Marty. You're an amazing teacher!

  15. Matteo Gioffredi

    Marty , i'm writing from Rome , Italy….you are the best teacher , player and you got much groove man!…AMAZING!

  16. Marty, so did you play at the crossroads? I want to vote now but i guess its too late.

  17. same here! lol

  18. 0:33 :)

  19. It's a Gibson SG.

  20. Awesome Marty. You're my favorite YouTube lesson guy. Thanks!!!!!

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