Eric Clapton – Layla – Electric Guitar Lesson – how to play – Crossroads Contest Vote For Marty

Eric Clapton - Layla - Electric Guitar Lesson - how to play - Crossroads Contest Vote For Marty

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  1. Haha I stopped the video at 0:28. I am now uncomfortable.

  2. Yahir herrea Herrera

    youre the best

  3. Yahir herrea Herrera

    youre the best

  4. Marty you are the best !! thank u for the knowledge

  5. Thank you so much marty you helped me alot with learning the guitar! So i just wanna say thank you and keep up all the work your the best teacher! Thanks marty.

  6. Philip Abraham Abe

    Thanks Marty I learned how to play And I made my music sir open his mouth thanks . And I will subscribe you today itself

  7. U da man! Gr8 teaching skillz and easy to pick up your riffs. Rock on

  8. You're the best guitar teacher on the internet. Thanks for all the different techniques. I've been playing for a year now and recommend you to all my friends ;)

  9. |ℳℜ.| Godlex #47

    Am I the only one that saw a troll on 6:61? D:

  10. impressive intro brother,now Im obsessed with learning this riff…….

  11. killer lesson…killer riff from S.D. Cali

  12. I can now play my fave Eric Clapton song thanks marty, best YouTube guitar tutor 

  13. I have the same guitar man. Isn't she a beauty 

  14. Greatest online music instructor we will ever have the pleasure of learning from. Marty…you're the best! Very appreciative

  15. Did you get to play at the Gig, +martyzsongs?

  16. I broke my high e while playing this

  17. Ive been play acoustic for 3 months, getting lp spcl 2 tomorrow. I was going to practice the acoustic more before I started on electric. but I noticed after 2 months of my buddy showing me some tricks and watch your vids. when im not practicing songs and just messing around. I can play what I hear in my head almost perfectly. that's the only reason im getting electric tomorrow besides the fact of sounds, but I will still play acoustic

  18. U are w/o doubt the best teacher I've found…plz do more Clapton lessons!

  19. Hey Marty! Do you mind telling me what guitar you use? Thanks!

  20. Great must learn song

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