Eric Clapton “Wonderful Tonight” Guitar Lesson (Easy Acoustic)

Eric Clapton

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  2. Bartender song rehab

  3. Please do a lesson on how to pick properly on electric guitar. E.g picking rules (when to pick upwards etc), rake picking fast picking etc. Thankyou Marty!!!

  4. hey marty!can we have " sons of skyrim"as our next guitar lesson! It would be gr8!!

  5. Spell_BOUND_gaming _

    Hey you should do Toxicity – System of A Down

  6. Hey Marty! Thanks for all of the vids! Can you do a how to on Stay by Post Malone? It's actually played on acoustic:


  7. Do eyes without a face acoustic

  8. These videos have helped me immensely. Please keep them coming! By far the best lessons I have found on YouTube

  9. Really love your lessons, man! Thanks for posting so many great songs. I'd love to see how you play Last Place that Love Lives by Black Crowes.

  10. Hi Marty I like your lessons, becouse you are doing them really detailed and that's the best! Would you some day make tutorial on Echoes by Pink Floyd? I think your lessons fit best for PF songs, they need to be learnt slowly and really catch the tone! Thanks to you I've learnt Comfortably Numb solo (or rather I'm still learning it), there is small amount of lessons of studio version of CN solo, so.. thanks. <3

  11. I can always count on you to deliver great instructional videos, thanks my friend and have a wonderful night!

  12. quentin jenkins

    Hey Marty, I’ve had a weird guitar journey, i got a guitar in 6th grade and watched your vids, but i wasn’t ready as quit and my friend got me back into it a couple months ago and your videos have helped tremendously man. I was just wondering if you could do a strat vs SG guitar comparison because I’m buying and electric and don’t know which one to get, and there isn’t many videos on an SG vs strat. Love the vids man and thank you for the helping all this time

  13. Hey Marty! I'd love to see you do Allen Stone's Give You Blue. I've tried imagining how you'd break it down for a beginner based on all your other tutorials but I'm still lost! 🙂 Thanks!!

  14. Could you do stay by Post Malone?

  15. Can you do a planet caravan solo lesson please marty your the best teacher I never had.

  16. Can you please break black velvets solo

  17. Bringing out the Old Camp Fire songs. Nice work. Summer is here let the camp fires burn and strumming begin. Thks Marty.

  18. Pineapple Brick Films

    Can u plz do my chemical romance songs, their so popular

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